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April 06, 2016
Pascal Saken is now working at the UN

Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken, representing the Republic of Vanuatu, has started working at the UN, assisting with the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

pascal saken at un

pascal saken at un

pascal saken at un

pascal saken at un

5th July, 2013
Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken received the Rubin World Traveller Award for the Billionaire Yacht Club

Many personalities have praised the Billionaire Yacht Club for the quality of its services and its excellent offer. This is why the daily Berliner Tageszeitung awarded on July 2, 2013, in Brussels, the 2013 Rubin World Traveller Award to Saken Mr. Vu Anh Quan, owner of the Billionaire Yacht Club.

This award is one of the highest awards in tourism to highlight exceptional operators in the field of tourism.

This award was presented to Mr. Vu Anh Quan Saken for the Billionaire Yacht Club. Billionaire Yacht Club is a website where you can find a range of boats, sailboats, yachts and mega yachts available for rental and charter, plus a possibility to rent a villa to combine the pleasures of sailing and the pleasures of staying in luxury villas.

During the trophy presentation, Mr Reiko Opitz emphasized the exceptional offer of luxury boats and villas in idyllic locations such as Phuket, Thailand.

The entire fleet of ships was presented tonight to all guests who are amazed at such splendor, luxury and also adventures.

Mr Roy Mickey Joy, Ambassador of the Republic of Vanuatu, has paid tribute to Mr Vu Anh Quan Saken, organizing the award ceremony in the lounges of the Embassy, in front of an audience of guests from the world of tourism and the Brussels diplomacy.

10th June, 2013
Chinese investors to attract rich Russians to Jurmala

Shanghai-based yacht charter company, the rather straight-forwardly named Billionaire Yacht Club, has announced that it plans to invest up to EUR 25m in Jurmala in Latvia, reports news2biz LATVIA.

Jurmala is a seaside resort just 20 km away from Riga which historically has been very popular with Russian tourists, including some of the biggest Russian pop stars and celebrities. It already has a small port, which does see some yachts. However, the yacht club project could give it a much-needed boost.

"We see a big market in Sweden, Norway and Germany, so we are very excited about this project in Jurmala," says Pascal Anh Quan Vuan Saken, chairman of Billionaire Yacht Club, to news2biz. "We see a second region, too. Wealthy Russian customers already spend their summers in Jurmala. It is so close to Russia that it could easily be a weekend destination, and, instead of going to South of France, Russian customers could come to Jurmala. We are pretty sure that Jurmala will become the Saint-Tropez of Saint Petersburg and Moscow in the future."

Mr. Saken admits that the project still faces several issues: "Jurmala does not yet have the capacity and logistics needed to provide the entertainment wealthy Russian tourists expect; for example, there are not enough five-star hotels."

Therefore, Billionaire Yacht Club is planning to develop a beach club and a restaurant in addition to the yacht club. Pascal Saken also believes that, more businesses will develop as the yacht club starts bringing in more tourists: "We plan to invest in a yacht club and bring world-class luxury yachts to Jurmala which creates synergies; as more and more customers come, more services will follow."

Billionaire Yacht Club will start its Latvian operations by bringing six mega-yachts to Jurmala, which, according to Mr. Saken, could already happen in mid-July or early August, once the yacht club completes an engineering study. In October, the club plans to add a shipyard to Jurmala, where it could overhaul, repair and refit its yachts.

Operations throughout Asia
Jurmala will be among the first European forays for the yacht club, but it already has a strong presence in Asia.
"We are well-established in Asian regions like Phuket and Shanghai, and we have many wealthy customers and members in the Middle East", says Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken.

5th June, 2013
Anh Quan Saken, founder of Billionaire Yacht Club, gives more details about the Shanghai Billionaire Club infrastructure

Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken, the founder of Billionaire Yacht Club, gives more details about the Shanghai Billionaire Club's infrastructure, under development on the Shanghai Bund, bordering the Huangpu River,a VIP Yacht & Beach Club for the most prominent personalities, international celebrities and businessmen.

Mr. Anh Quan Saken tells more about this ambitious project. This unique facility should include an artificial beach, a huge swimming pool, a marina exclusively dedicated to VIP members who can moor their own boats or those from the Mangusta Yacht Singapore fleet, which will be made available to members of the Shanghai Billionaire Club.

Anh Quan Saken is also interested in hosting this extraordinary place for many prestigious events, VIP cocktail parties, promotion parties, clubbing nights with the best DJs in the world and fashion shows from famous fashion designers.

In addition, Anh Quan Saken intends to offer technical maintenance service for the yachts, with qualified staff, which will be available on site.

This project in Shanghai was not initiated by chance by Pascal Anh Quan Saken. It is even a strategic location, knowing that China and Shanghai in particular, record more millionaires and billionaires every day.

29th May, 2013
Pascal Anh Quan Saken announces luxury shipyard in Phuket

Pascal Anh Quan Saken, President and founder of Yartmarine Co., Ltd., is proud to announce the development of the largest shipyard for luxury yachts in Phuket, Thailand.

Anh Quan Saken, President and founder of Yartmarine Co. Ltd., has announced that the shipyard, operated by Yartmarine Phuket, will allow the repair and technical maintenance of all types of luxury yachts, with advanced equipment and the best specialist engineers based on-site.

Mr. Saken congratulates all members of society, employees and consultants who contribute to the shipyard operated by Yartmarine, the largest and best equipped in Phuket.

Anh Quan Saken reminds that a super luxury yacht for rent, the Meditation, based in Phuket, has been completely renovated by Yartmarine under the supervision of Mr. Vu Anh Quan Saken for an amount of estimated at USD 3 million.

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